Justus Carlile

Government Affairs Chair
Email    940-391-7808

Tina Murphy

MLS Chair
Email    972-365-1140

Jack Mallouf

Installation Chair
Email   214-334-8140

Connie Niedzwiecki

Government Affairs Vice-Chair

Email    817-689-7942

Brenda Taylor

Global Committee Vice-Chair

Email    972-489-4050

​​​Strong local boards like GLAR are the backbone of the National Association of REALTORS®.  

If you want to get involved, make an impact, and have your voice heard, you can do it at GLAR.

Individual members make a huge difference locally!
If you are interested in serving on any of the following committees please contact 
Kim Lambert  or complete the form below.


GLAR Main Office:       (972) 221-4606 

MLS & Membership:    (972) 316-6744     melody@glar.com

Accounts Receivable:  (972) 316-6746     jennifer@glar.com

Supra & Marketing:      (972) 316-6748     staffsupport@glar.com

Education Services:     (972) 316-6742     education@glar.com

Administration:             (972) 316-6741     director@glar.com

​997 S. Edmonds Lane, Lewisville, TX 75067

Steve Etzel

Education Chair

Email     817-907-2506

Luis Cuevas
Technology  Chair
Email    214-783-0535

Natalia Caballero
Global Chair
Email    940-465-0230

Brandy Jett

Email    972-754-6706

How may we serve you? 

Visit us during office hours or send us a message. We look forward to hearing from you!

Bill Anderson

2020 President 
Email     469-995-5073

Brandy Jett

TREPAC Committee Vice-Chair

Email    972-754-6706

Charlotte Finley

Community Affairs Vice-Chair
Email    214-422-5864

Brandy Jett

Budget/Finance Chair
Email      972-754-6706

Rosalie Bishop

Email    972-632-8249

Brenda Taylor

Email    972-489-4050

Mary Doane

ByLaws Committee Chair
Email      214-755-4501

Patty Southard
Community Affairs Chair
Email    214-801-3307

Volunteer below to Serve on a

GLAR Committee Core Group!


AnswerLink MLS Assist:    (888) 440-3687

M-F 7am-Midnight; Wkends 10am-10pm

zipForm Assistance:  (800) 383-9805

M-F 24 hours

Supra Assistance:    (877) 699-6787

Instanet/Transaction Desk:  (888) 440-3687

M-F 7am-Midnight; Weekends 10am-10pm

Traci Nicodemus 
Immediate Past  President 

Email     469-671-7653

Traci Nicodemus 
Nominating Chair

Email    469-671-7653

Mike Murphy

MLS Committee Vice-Chair

Email    214-908-2159

Gina Leslie
Affiliate/Membership Chair
Email    949-933-1457

Steve Etzel

Education Chair

Email     817-907-2506