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Why should I invest in TREPAC?

2020  Due Dates  for Membership & MLS Fees

NOTE:   At the time of application, members joining in December may be responsible for pro-rated December dues & pro-rated Q4  MLS  AND  2021 annual dues and Q1 MLS 

Q 2 - 2020     
Invoice Date     02/15/20
Due Date            On or before noon  03/30/20

Q 3 - 2020    
Invoice Date     05/15/20
Due Date            On or before noon  06/28/20

​Q4  - 2020   
Invoice Date     08/15/19
Due Date            On or before noon  09/30/20

*All fees subject to change without notice 

Now on your member portal you can:

  • Pay your GLAR invoices
  • Register for Classes and Events
  • Sign up for auto-pay
  • Update your personal information
  • .... and so much more!

NOTE: You must use the 0 in front of your license number (as shown in MLS)

Access Here

GLAR cannot see your password.  Please be sure to write it down.


AnswerLink MLS Assist:    (888) 440-3687

M-F 7am-Midnight; Wkends 10am-10pm

zipForm Assistance:  (800) 383-9805

M-F 24 hours

Supra Assistance:    (877) 699-6787

Instanet/Transaction Desk:  (888) 440-3687

M-F 7am-Midnight; Weekends 10am-10pm

What is that $35 TREPAC invoice and what does it mean? 

Watch the video below!

How may we serve you? 

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